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  Dr. Graham Oakes
CEO & Founder
A systems engineer with over 30 years experience, working for firms such as Cisco, Intel, Skype, Sony, Vodafone, Oxfam and Greenpeace. Graham is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the BCS, and holds a PhD from Imperial College, London. He is also an international expert on project governance and the author of Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance. Graham owns 50% of the shares in the company. (This will dilute with the above seed round and as employee share options are allocated.)



  Upside Energy Ltd
Northwich, United Kingdom

Upside is developing a cloud service that coordinates energy stored in tens of thousands of small batteries, enabling domestic and small business sites to deliver demand side flexibility to the grid.

For the grid to remain stable, supply & demand for electricity must be kept in balance. National Grid currently spends £850m p.a. on services to maintain this balance, many of them delivered by operating traditional fossil-fuel generation at reduced capacity. This is inefficient, and both expensive and responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. Providing such services from demand side, e.g. reducing demand at peak times, would result in a cheaper and less polluting solution. Upside Energy is developing an innovative cloud service that coordinates energy stored in uninterruptible power supplies, solar PVs, electric vehicles, domestic heating systems, etc. This creates a virtual energy store™ that enables us to sell a range of balancing services to grid & distribution network operators and energy suppliers, starting with frequency regulation services to National Grid. We then redistribute 75% of our revenue back to the original equipment owners: households & small businesses.

Energy storage / Energy efficiency / 
 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: europe


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